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Cowboy Junkies - The Caution Horses

Cowboy Junkies - The Caution Horses

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RCA PL 90450 made in Germany with lyric inner sleeve.
Vinyl M. Cover NM.

With the ethereal voice of Margo Timmins gleaning the lyrics "The phone rings, but I don't answer it/Good news always sleeps till noon" on the opener ("Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning), listeners rest assured -- the Junkies haven't compromised their comfortable, country-twanged, folk-rock style to cater more to the trends of the masses. Mellow, honest, and provocatively reticent at points, their melancholic tone might seem bland to those with more aggressive tastes, or to simply more mainstream palettes, but for those whose tastes float serenely upstream, and for Junkies fans in general, this album is a treat.


1. Sun Comes Up, It's Tuesday Morning
2. 'cause Cheap Is How I Feel
3. Thirty Summers
4. Mariner's Song
5. Powderfinger
6. Rock And Bird
7. Witches
8. Where Are You Tonight?
9. Escape Is So Simple
10. You Will Be Loved Again
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