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Cure - Boys Don't Cry

Cure - Boys Don't Cry

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Fiction SPELP 26 made in EEC.

Vinyl VG++. Cover VG+.

Inaugurating the shadowy gloom/blissful pop combination that became the Cure's trademark, BOYS DON'T CRY contains healthy portions of both, along with a dose of punk-fueled angst befitting the times in which it was recorded. Robert Smith reveals himself as an alarmingly developed songwriter--though he was still in his late teens when these songs were written, his compositional abilities are as impressive as the potential they reveal.


1. Boys Don't Cry
2. Plastic Passion
3. 10.15 Saturday Night
4. Accuracy
5. Object
6. Jumping Someone Else's Train
7. Subway Song
8. Killing An Arab
9. Fire In Cairo
10. Another Day
11. Grinding Halt
12. World War
13. Three Imaginary Boys

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