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Cute Lepers - Smart Accessories

Cute Lepers - Smart Accessories

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What else does one have to say about the CUTE LEPERS other than "fucking brilliant"?!!! Damn, but I am a sucker for pop sensibilities and hooks, and Nix, Kicks, and company have included them in abundance through the entire album. When I first listened to Smart Accessories, I thought that it fell short of their amazing Can't Stand Modern Music debut and that maybe they were falling victim to the sophomore slump/hangover that quite often follows such and incredible debut... However I'm happy to say that after repeatedly listening to this, I am now finding myself unable to stop!! Some of these songs were already familiar to me as they had been released on a few singles or comps and every damn one of these songs is a hit waiting to happen! Personal favorites are the title track "Smart Accessories," the slow building and melodic "Bob Forrest Song," and of course the amazing upbeat "Young Hearts." Hell, it's hard not to like any of these songs!! At times, this album reminds me of seminal bands from the late '70s like the SAINTS or the ONLY ONES. Like I already said: fucking brilliant!


1. Some Hits Hurt
2. Smart Accessories
3. Thanks For Not Showing Up
4. You Don't Have To Belong To The Religious Right
5. No Escape
6. Berlin Girls
7. Dirty Baby
8. Bob Forrest Song
9. What Happens Next
10. World Of Suspense
11. Police Lights
12. Young Hearts
13. Fall To Pieces

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