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Def Jam

DMX - Grand Champ

DMX - Grand Champ

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Def Jam 440 063 369-1 made in USA with lyric sheet. Vinyl EX. Cover VG++.

It's often said that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, and that maxim certainly holds true for the self-professed Grand Champ of canines, DMX, on his album of the same name. For his fifth album in six years, the veteran rapper reprises many of the same themes and motifs that had made his previous efforts so popular among hardcore rap fans and influential among his East Coast peers.


Dog (Intro)     3:32     
My Life     3:09     
Where The Hood At?     4:46     
Dogs Out     4:03     
Get It On The Floor     4:22     
Come Prepared (Skit)     0:35     
Shot Down     3:42     
Bring The Noize     3:30     
Untouchable     6:05     
Fuck Y'all     3:43     
Ruff Radio (Skit)     0:43     
We're Back     4:25     
Ruff Radio 2 (Skit)     0:18     
Rob All Night (If I'm Gonna Rob)     3:27     
We Go Hard     3:36     
We Bout To Blow     3:31     
The Rain     3:27     
Gotta Go (Skit)     1:07     
Don't Gotta Go Home     4:17     
A'Yo Kato     3:46     
Thank You     3:01     
The Prayer V     1:47
On Top     3:34

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