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Wild Kingdom

Doits - Lost, Lonely & Vicious.

Doits - Lost, Lonely & Vicious.

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Hailing from Stockholm, Sweden, rockers The Doits are back with another eminent piece of luscious power pop for the ages! Their last effort, “Lost Lonely and Vicious”, quickly found a way into the hearts of both critics as well as the fans with its patented mixture of 60…s styled power pop and raw, guitar driven sounds. 


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1   Solid Ground 

2   Lose All The Time 

3   Take You Out 

4   Love You From The Planet I'm On 

5   Lost, Lonely & Vicous 

6   I Could Never Make You Stay 

7   Hurt Someone 

8   Turn My Water In To Wine 

9   Million 

10   Righteous In A Liars Mined 

11   Gets To The Weaker One 

12   Hey Kid, I Want You To Stay 

13   Ghosts & Goblins


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