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Dylan, Bob - Bootleg Series, Vol. 1-3

Dylan, Bob - Bootleg Series, Vol. 1-3

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This 5 Lp box set is what Dylanphiles have been waiting for, sitting patiently for years, even decades. And, even after its 1991 release, it retains the feeling of being a special, shared secret among the hardcore, since -- no matter the acclaim -- it's the kind of record that only the hardcore will seek out. Of course, the great irony is that even casual Dylan fans will find much to treasure in this three-disc set of unreleased material.


LP 1
    1: Hard times in new york town (live)
    2: He was a friend of mine
    3: Man on the street
    4: No more auction block
    5: House carpenter
    6: Talkin' bear mountain picnic massacre blues
    7: Let me die in my footsteps
    8: Rambling, gambling willie
    9: Talkin' hava negeilah blues
    10: Quit your low down ways
    11: Worried blues
    12: Kingsport town
    13: Walkin' down the line
    14: Walls of red wing
    15: Paths of victory

    LP 2
    1: Talkin' john birch paranoid blues
    2: Who killed davey moore?
    3: Only a hobo
    4: Moonshiner
    5: Last thoughts on woody guthrie (live)
    6: When the ship comes in
    7: The times they are a-changin'
    8: Seven curses
    9: Eternal circle
    10: Suze (the cough song)
    11: Mama, you been on my mind
    12: Farewell, angelina

    LP 3
    1: Subterranean homesick blues
    2: If you gotta go, go now (or else you got to stay all night)
    3: Sitting on a barbed wire fence
    4: Like a rolling stone (alternate take)
    5: It takes a lot to laugh, it takes a train to cry
    6: I'll keep it with mine
    7: She's your lover now
    8: I shall be released
    9: Santa-fe
    10: If not for you
    11: Wallflower
    12: Nobody 'cept you
    13: Tangled up in blue

    LP 4
    1: Call letter blues
    2: Idiot wind
    3: If you see her, say hello
    4: Golden loom
    5: Catfish
    6: Seven days
    7: Ye shall be changed
    8: Every grain of sand
    9: You changed my life
    10: Angelina

    LP 5
    1: Need a woman
    2: Someone's got a hold of my heart
    3: Tell me
    4: Lord protect my child
    5: Foot of pride
    6: Blind willie mctell
    7: When the night comes falling from the sky
    8: Series of dreams

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