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Ellington, Duke - A Drum Is A Woman

Ellington, Duke - A Drum Is A Woman

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Duke Ellington was the most important composer in the history of jazz as well as being a bandleader who held his large group together continuously for almost 50 years. The two aspects of his career were related; Ellington used his band as a musical laboratory for his new compositions and shaped his writing specifically to showcase the talents of his bandmembers, many of whom remained with him for long periods. 


1. A Drum Is a Woman 
2. Rhythm Pum Te Dum 
3. What Else Can You Do With a Drum? 
4. New Orleans 
5. Hey, Buddy Bolden 
6. Carribee Joe 
7. Congo Square 
8. A Drum Is a Woman (Part 2) 
9. You Better Know It 
10. Madam Zajj 
11. Ballet of the Flying Saucers 
12. Zajj's Dream 
13. Rhumbop 
14. Carribee Joe (Part 2) 
15. Finale 
16, Pomegranate

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