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Excel - The Joke's On You

Excel - The Joke's On You

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Caroline CARLP 7 made in Germany with lyric inner sleeve. Vinyl VG++. Cover VG++.


Although lots of people have never heard of Excel, the now-defunct act is generally regarded as one of first crossover thrash bands to come out of Venice, California, along with their hometown hometown heroes Suicidal Tendencies, Beowülf and Uncle Slam, just to name a few. Released two years after their 1987 debut Split Image, Excel showed a great deal of their genre with their sophomore album The Joke's on You, which was a moderate success. Some hailed it as the best "thrash punk" album not known by many. I was born in 1989, the year this album came out and I could honestly tell that it's hard to believe to believe that crossover thrash has still been quite popular for about over 20 years. 


1. Drive 02:27

2. Shadow Winds 04:17 

3. Fired (You´re) 03:16 

4. Tapping Into the Emotional Void 04:20 

5. Affection Blends With Resentment 03:56 

6. Seaing Insane 03:18 

7. My Thoughts 03:19 

8. I Never Denied 05:19 

9. Message In the Bottle (Police cover) 02:51 

10. Given Question 02:53 

11. The Stranger

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