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Fall - This Nation's Saving

Fall - This Nation's Saving

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As stubbornly maverick as ever, the Fall's tenth album hinges on their now-accustomed dissonance, into which a tighter, commercial edge was introduced. New guitarist Brix Smith, wife of leader Mark E., added a partly melodious sheen that brought an air of 60s subculture to the group's post-industrial rattle. Nothing was sacrificed in the process and while "Bombast" hurtles with a vicious power, talismen Can were acknowledged in "I Am Damo Suzuki," the name of the German band's Japan-born singer. Mark Smith towers over the proceedings, his voice prowling about the music, enhancing its intensity. This album shows the Fall extending stylistic barriers without sacrificing their individuality. 


1. Mansion
2. Bombast
3. Barmy
4. What You Need
5. Spoilt Victorian Child
6. L.a.
7. Vixen
8. Couldn't Get Ahead
9. Gut Of The Quantifier
10. My New House
11. Paint Work
12. I Am Damo Suzuki
13. To Nk Roachment - Yarbles
14. Petty (thief) Lout
15. Rollin' Dany
16. Cruisers Creek

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