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Flaming Lips - Hit To Death In The Future Head

Flaming Lips - Hit To Death In The Future Head

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The Flaming Lips major label debut features major label production, and in all honesty it seems to me like the boys were let loose in the candy store a little bit, as they add layers upon layers of sound, as well as instrumental flourishes such as strings, trumpets, and the like. Still, despite the overstuffed sound and a couple of slow, unmemorable drone ballads too many, by and large these ten slices of warped psychedelic pop are still mighty entertaining, and the album has some real standouts.

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1. Talkin' 'bout The Smiling Deatchporn Immortality Blues (everyo
2. Ne Wants To Live Forever)
3. Hit Me Like You Did The First Time
4. The Sun
5. Felt Good To Burn
6. Gingerale Afternoon ( The Astrology Of A Saturday)
7. Halloween On The Barbary Coast
8. The Magician Vs. The Headache
9. You Have To Be Joking ( Autopsy Of The Devil's Brain)
10. Frogs
11. Hold Your Head
12. Untitled

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