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Forbert, Steve - Alive On Arrival

Forbert, Steve - Alive On Arrival

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Epic EPC 83308 made in Holland.

Vinyl VG. Cover VG-.

Steve Forbert's youthful features and boyish voice certainly become misleading once his lyrics are heard. His folk-rock styled songs are usually centered around life's ups and downs and the problems of adulthood, portraying him as an artist who's just trying to get by. Alive on Arrival is an album full of earnest tunes about loneliness, self-worth, aspirations, and disappointments. Forbert's wispy, innocent sounding voice floats gently (and cuts roughly) over his acoustic guitar to homespun ditties with a down-to-earth feel. This album represents Forbert's music perfectly, and even though his latter albums sound less subtle, it is Alive on Arrival that so aptly personifies him.


1. Goin' Down To Laurel
2. Steve Forbert's Midsummer Night's Toast
3. Thinkin'
4. What Kinda Guy?
5. It Isn't Gonna Be That Way
6. Big City Cat
7. Grand Central Station, March 18, 1977
8. Tonight I Feel So Far Away From Home
9. Settle Down
10. You Cannot Win If You Do Not Play

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