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Gainsbourg, Serge - L'Homme a Tete De Chou

Gainsbourg, Serge - L'Homme a Tete De Chou

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Originally released in 1976 this is Gainbourg's second "concept" record, after the stone classic Histoire De Melody Nelson, and probably second only in quality to that record in his deep, storied catalog. Translating to "The Man with the Cabbage Head," L' Homme A Tete De Chou is a brutal story of lust and obsession in which, over the course of the album, the narrator falls in love with a black shampoo girl (Marilou), beats her to death with a fire extinguisher and ends up in a psychiatric hospital. Featuring lush orchestration and a variety of influences, from reggae to rock to funk to country, L' Homme A Tete De Chou is a crucial part of the musical history of one of France's most famous, and certainly most controversial, stars.


  1. L'homme à tête de chou 2:59
  2. Chez Max coiffeur pour hommes 1:58
  3. Marilou Reggae 2:11
  4. Transit à Marilou 1:32
  5. Flash Forward 2:36
  6. Aéroplanes 2:36
  7. Premiers symptômes 1:14
  8. Ma Lou Marilou 2:41
  9. Variations sur Marilou 7:40
  10. Meurtre à l'extincteur 0:47
  11. Marilou sous la neige 2:23
  12. Lunatic Asylum 3:21
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