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Go Find - Stars On The Wall.

Go Find - Stars On The Wall.

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Belgian quartet the Go Find have a winning way around low-key but lush electronic pop that suggests everything from Isabelle Antena to St. Etienne and the underrated Surf, all of which can be heard in spades on their excellent second album Stars on the Wall. That said, two other obvious overarching influences are the continuing impact of Radiohead and everything after it -- lead vocalist Dieter Sermeus clearly knew what he was doing when called the last song "Kid OK" -- and what could be called the eternal Scandinavian pop continuum, an elegant blend of wistfulness, melancholia, and energy that has informed so many bands from Norway and Sweden in particular ("Downtown"'s acoustic guitar delicacy couldn't make it any plainer).


01 Beautiful Night
02 Dictionary
03 New Year
04 Adrenaline
05 Downtown
06 Ice Cold Ice
07 25 Years
08 Monday Morning
09 We Don't Wanna
10 Everything is Low
11 Kid Ok 


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