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Graveyard - Innocence & Decadence

Graveyard - Innocence & Decadence

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So, what are GRAVEYARD bringing to the table this time? At the time of that crucial first spin of "Innocence & Decadence" there will be no doubt that the listener will know, feel and get that this is indeed another album from the GRAVEYARD we've learned to love. The new album continues to show how GRAVEYARD, like no other band, can honor rock history in their own peculiar way and at the same time feel more current and hotter than the sun. When listening to the album you can find traces of everything from old 20's blues, Irma Thomas, blast beats and psych rock.
Recorded at the infamous Atlantis Studio in Stockholm, Sweden with producer Johan Lindström (TONBRUKET) and engineer Janne Hansson (ABBA, THE HIVES, OPETH) while performing live all together in one room, Innocence & Decadence marks the return of original guitarist/singer Truls Mörck who took over the bass from founding member Rikard Edlund who quit the band in 2014. Mörck can also be heard on vocals on the song 'From A Hole In The Wall', whereas guitarist Jonatan LaRocca-Ramm makes his debut on lead vocals on the bittersweet ballad 'Far Too Close'


1. Magnetic Shunk
2. The Apple and the Tree
3. Exit 97
4. Never Theirs to Sell
5. Can't Walk Out
6. Too Much Is Not Enough
7. From a Hole in the Wall
8. Cause & Defect
9. Hard-headed
10. Far Too Close
11. Stay for a Song

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