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Green Day - International Superhits.

Green Day - International Superhits.

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Exactly what it sounds like: a Green Day greatest hits compilation, pulling tracks from all across their wide-spanning catalog. Dookie's "Welcome to Paradise", "Good Riddance (Time of Your Life)" from Nimrod, and "Minority" fromWarning and more. Also featuring two new tracks: "Maria" and "Poprocks and Coke." For hardcore fans and casual listeners alike!


  1. Maria (Album Version)
  2. Poprocks & Coke (Album Version)
  3. Longview (Album Version)
  4. Welcome To Paradise (Album Version)
  5. Basket Case (Album Version)
  6. When I Come Around (Album Version)
  7. She (Album Version)
  8. J.a.r. (Jason Andrew Relva) (Album
  9. Geek Stink Breath (Album Version)
  10. Brain Stew (Album Version)
  11. Jaded (Album Version)
  12. Walking Contradiction (Album Versio
  13. Stuck With Me (Album Version)
  14. Hitchin' A Ride (Album Version)
  15. Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life) (
  16. Redundant (Album Version)
  17. Nice Guys Finish Last (Album Versio
  18. Minority (Album Version)
  19. Warning (Album Version)
  20. Waiting (Album Version)
  21. Macy's Day Parade (Album Version)
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