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Harper, Roy - ... descendant Of Smith

Harper, Roy - ... descendant Of Smith

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EMI EMC 3524 made in UK with lyric inner sleeve. Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

An idiosyncratic British singer/songwriter acclaimed for his deeply personal, poetic lyrics and unique guitar work, Roy Harper was born June 12, 1941, in Manchester, England. As a teen he tenured with De Boys, his brothers' skiffle band, before leaving home at the age of 15 to enter the Royal Air Force; he subsequently secured a discharge by faking insanity, resulting in a short stay in a mental institution (where he was the subject of an ECT treatment). His rebellious attitude eventually led to him spending a few months in prison. Harper later drifted throughout Europe, and by 1965 was a mainstay of London's Les Cousins folk club, performing alongside the likes of Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, and Nick Drake.


1. Laughing Inside
2. Garden Of Uranium
3. Still Life
4. Pinches Of Salt
5. Desert Island
6. Government Surplus
7. Surplus Liquorice
8. Liquorice Alltime
9. Maile Lei
10. Same Shoes
11. Descendants Of Smith

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