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We Bite

Haywire - Abominations

Haywire - Abominations

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We Bite WB 069 made in Germany with lyric inner sleeve.

Vintl NM. Cover EX.

When Billy Rubin first contacted me and offered to contribute to DCXX, one piece I was particularly looking forward to was the back story on Haywire. From the first time I dropped the needle to Haywire's "Private Hell" LP, I was sold. Seriously great band and way underrated. If you haven't heard them before or haven't listened to them in a while, do yourself a favor and get your hands on the "Private Hell" LP, damn solid record all the way through. As for Haywire's second LP, "Abominations", I've only seen one in my life and that was at least 15 years ago. If anyone has the entire album and would like to share, get in touch.


1. Dropping Like Flies
2. Skin Driver
3. Murderers
4. Crash And Burn
5. Endtro
6. Writer's Cramp
7. Incognito God
8. Two Faced Judas
9. Hand Job
10. Short Eyes

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