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Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II

Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II

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Noise N 0117 made in Germany in gatefold cover with text inner sleeve.

Vinyl VG++. Cover EX.

The magic that made Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part I a triumph of epic proportions (IMO) was still very much in the air come time for Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II.  What was originally intended to be a double album had to be split in two at the record company’s request, so Keeper Of The Seven Keys Part II was recorded later and came out in 1988 (Part I came out in ’87).  Gladly, Part IIwas a much longer album than Part I, clocking in with an extra fifteen minutes or so of music.


110,- dkr.


1. Invitation (1:07)
2. Eagle Fly Free (5:10)
3. You Always Walk Alone (5:10)
4. Rise and Fall (4:22)
5. Dr. Stein (5:05)
6. We Got the Right (5:08)
7. March of Time (5:15)
8. I Want Out (4:41)
9. Keeper of the Seven Keys (13:37)
10. Save Us (5:13)

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