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Ipcress File - OST.

Ipcress File - OST.

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The IPCRESS File from 1965 starring Michael Caine and made by a large portion of the James Bond production team is one of the classiest spy movies as you could wish to see, despite its ironic depiction of the world of spies as presented by the James Bond Franchise. 
We can thank the score for a large part of its charm, which was composed by the legendary John Barry. 
For this film, he decided to play the main theme on the cimbalom, a type of Hungarian dulcimer. 
Its spiky, abrasive and twangy sound emphasizes the loneliness & forlorn nature of the main character, Harry Palmer. 
The theme, which was sampled by DJ Premier, is presented in different jazz, swing, and blues arrangements. 
For the Music On Vinyl release, all the instrumental tracks of this distinctive & innovative score are bundled on one LP, and snippets of the film's famous dialogue are collected on a separate bonus 7".

• 180 grams audiophile vinyl 
• Gatefold sleeve
• Including bonus 7inch (dialogues)

A1.The Ipcress File Main Title Theme 
A2.Alone In Three-Quarter Time
A3.Meeting with Grantby and Fight 
A4.Jazz Along Alone
A5.The Death of Carswell
A6.A Man Alone (1)

B1.A Man Alone (2)
B2.If You're Not Clean, I'll Kill You
B3.Alone Blues
B4.Goodbye Harry
B5.A Man Alone (3) 

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