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Wesley, Fred And The JB's - Damn Right I Am Somebody

Wesley, Fred And The JB's - Damn Right I Am Somebody

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An incredible album – quite possibly our favorite record by the JBs, ever! The set starts with a wonderful conversational bit – rapping and musing on the idea of "Damn Right, I Am Somebody" – showing the group in a political and righteous mode for the first time ever. The grooves then kick in – with the same heavy funk as on earlier records, but also a nice nod towards experimental production – from strange fade ups and fade downs, to stark time and rhythm changes, and even bits of electronics used to create some very cool moments in the grooves!'s


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1. Damn Right I'm Somebody 6:00
2. Blow Your Head 4:43
3. Im Payin' Taxes, What Am I Buyin'? 9:28
4. Same Beat (Part 1) 3:30
5. If You Don't Get It The First Time, Back Up & Try It Again, Parrty 3:36
6. Make Me What You Want Me To Be 3:34
7. Going To Get A Thrill 6:00
8. You Sure Love To Ball

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