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Jethro Tull - Too old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die!

Jethro Tull - Too old To Rock 'n' Roll: Too Young To Die!

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Chrysalis CHR 1111 made in Denmark in gatefold cover.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

Although Jethro Tull was still in its heyday in 1976, Ian Anderson must have sensed that he could not remain a rock star forever. Anderson originally intended the linked songs on TOO OLD TO ROCK 'N' ROLL to form the basis of a musical based on the life of an aging rocker not unlike himself. Anderson's alter ego on the record is Ray Lomax, whose tale is told in cartoon format in the album art. Not coincidentally, Lomax is a cartoon version of Anderson.The record alternates between folk and rock as it chronicles Lomax's struggles to exist outside a rock framework. He makes a foray into TV game shows ("Quizz Kid"), drinks despairingly with an old codger who dispenses advice on the gentle, introspective "From a Deadbeat to an Old Greaser" and steals a taxi for a romantic rendezvous on the upbeat "Taxi Grab." The title track, a stately epic that builds to a rousing finale, garnered significant airplay on FM radio and is one of the band's last hits from their golden age.


01. Quizz Kid

02. Crazed Institution
03. Salamander
04. Taxi Grab
05. From a Dead Beat to an Old Greaser
06. Bad-Eyed 'N' Loveless
07. Big Dipper
08. Too Old to Rock 'N' Roll: Too Young to Die
09. Pied Piper
10. The Chequered Flag (Dead or Alive)

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