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Joel, Billy - Glass Houses

Joel, Billy - Glass Houses

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CBS 86108 made in EU with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

The back-to-back success of The Stranger and 52nd Street may have brought Billy Joel fame and fortune, even a certain amount of self-satisfaction, but it didn't bring him critical respect, and it didn't dull his anger. If anything, being classified as a mainstream rocker -- a soft rocker -- infuriated him, especially since a generation of punks and new wave kids were getting the praise that eluded him. He didn't take this lying down -- he recorded Glass Houses. Comparatively a harder-rocking album than either of its predecessors, with a distinctly bitter edge, Glass Houses still displays the hallmarks of Billy Joel the pop craftsman and Phil Ramone the world-class hitmaker.


1.   You May Be Right
2.   Sometimes A Fantasy
3.   Don’t Ask Me Why
4.   It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me
5.   All For Leyna
6.   I Don’t Want To Be Alone
7.   Sleeping With The Television On
8.   C’etait Toi (You Were The One)
9.   Close To The Borderline
10. Through The Long Night

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