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Joel, Billy - Streetlife Serenade

Joel, Billy - Streetlife Serenade

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CBS 80766 made in Holland.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

Piano Man gave Billy Joel his long-desired big hit, but it also somewhat threw him for a loop. He had been driven on Piano Man, determined to deliver an album that established him as both a serious artist and a commercial contender. Having achieved at least one of those goals (critics never gave Joel much credit), he had to release another album quickly if he wanted to keep his profile high, which he did. The problem is, Joel had put all of his best songs on Piano Man, leaving him with a shortage of material. Furthermore, promotional duties ate up his time, leaving him little to write new songs.


Streetlife Serenader     5:18
Los Angelenos     3:41
The Great Suburban Showdown     3:46
Root Beer Rag     3:00
Roberta     4:28
The Entertainer     3:39
Last Of The Big Time Spenders     4:36
Weekend Song     3:31
Souvenir     2:01
The Mexican Connection     3:38

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