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Dybdahl, Thomas - October Trilogy

Dybdahl, Thomas - October Trilogy

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3 X 180 GRAM  VINYL + CD + DVD.

Anniversary Edition, Box Set, Limited Edition, Lp+CD, Lp+Dvd
Dybdahl broke through with a bang in 2002 with the highly acclaimed debut album "That Great October Sound". The first edition sold out in one day, the single "From Grace" became a big radio hit and the album was awarded with both the Alarm prize, the Spellemann prize and the Edvard prize the following year. The second part of the October trilogy, Stray Dogs from 2003, also received rave reviews and was nominated for the Alarm Prize and the Spellemann Prize. Like the debut, this album too was recorded at home in his own living room. The single "Rain Down On Me" went all the way up to 5th place on the VG list, and "Cecilia" stayed a big radio hit. In autumn 2004, Dybdahl rounded off his trilogy with another critically acclaimed album, One Day You'll Dance For Me, New York City, which debuted at number one. It was more quiet and melancholic than its predecessors, but retained the personal and minimalistic character of the first two albums. The single "A Love Story" was the main track for the Norwegian feature film Monstertorsdag and was a big hit on the radio. These three classics are now usually referred to as The October Trilogy.



That Great October Sound
1-01 From Grace
1-02 All's Not Lost
1-03 That Great October Sound
1-04 Life Here Is Gold
1-05 Tomorrow Stays The Same
1-06 Postulate
1-07 Adelaide
1-08 John Wayne
1-09 Love's Lost
1-10 Dreamweaver
1-11 Outro
Stray Dogs
2-01 Rain Down On Me
2-02 Cecilia
2-03 Make A Mess Of Yourself
2-04 Pale Green Eyes
2-05 Either Way I'm Gone
2-06 Honey
2-07 Rise In Shame
2-08 Stray Dogs
2-09 The Willow
2-10 Stay Home
2-11 Outro
One Day You'll Dance For Me, New York City
3-01 One Day You'll Dance For Me, New York City
3-02 If We Want It, It's Right
3-03 Love Story
3-04 Solitude
3-05 It's Always Been You
3-06 Don't Lose Yourself
3-07 Babe
3-08 Henry
3-09 Piece
B-Sides: Less Morale & More Caffeine, Samt Andre, Lettere, Misantropiske Sanger
4-01 Damn Heart
4-02 Less Morale & More Caffeine
4-03 The Ballad Of Banjo Betty
4-04 Walking Out The Door
4-05 Hillevåg Skjevå
...That Great October DVD



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