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Zevon, Warren - Stand In The Fire (Deluxe Edition)

Zevon, Warren - Stand In The Fire (Deluxe Edition)

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2 x 180 GRAM VINYL.

Warren Zevon Stand In The Fire - Live At The Roxy (Deluxe Edition) is Run Out Groove's new release. Known for his dry wit and acerbic lyrics, Warren Zevon is a cult favorite and legendary songwriter. This expanded edition of his classic 1980 live album features 10 bonus tracks, 6 of which are previously unissued and 4 are new to vinyl. The 2LP set is cut to lacquer, feature never-before-seen photos, deluxe packaging, and pressed on 180 gram black vinyl.


    Strict One Time Pressing based on preorders received
    Numbered, Limited Edition
    Deluxe Edition
    180g Vinyl
    Double LP
    Remastered for vinyl
    Lacquers cut on the old Ardent Studio lathe at Sam Phillips Studio in Memphis
    First reissue on vinyl in the US since the 1980s
    10 Bonus Tracks: 4 previously unavailable on vinyl & 6 previously unreleased on any format
    Deluxe tip-on style gatefold jacket
    Never-before-seen photos
    Definitive collector's edition of classic live album


Side A:
    Stand In The Fire
    Jeannie Needs A Shooter
    Excitable Boy
    Mohammed's Radio
    Werewolves Of London

Side B:
    Lawyers, Guns And Money
    The Sin
    Poor Poor Pitiful Me
    I'll Sleep When I'm Dead
    Bo Diddley's A Gunslinger/Bo Diddley

Side C:
    Johnny Strikes Up The Band (Previously Unavailable On Vinyl)
    Roland The Headless Thompson Gunner (Previously Unreleased)
    Play It All Night Long (Previously Unavailable On Vinyl)
    Night Time In The Switching Yard (Previously Unreleased)
    Gorilla You're A Desperado (Previously Unreleased)

Side D:
    Bad Luck Streak In Dancing School (Previously Unreleased)
    The Sin (alternate slightly longer version) (Previously Unreleased)
    Frank And Jesse James (Previously Unavailable On Vinyl)
    Hasten Down The Wind (Previously Unavailable On Vinyl)
    A Certain Girl (Previously Unreleased)

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