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La Düsseldorf - Viva

La Düsseldorf - Viva

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Strand 623626 made in Germany with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl EX. Cover. VG++.

This cult German band was founded by guitarist/vocalist Klaus Dinger, formerly of Neu! Comprising Thomas Dinger (percussion, vocals), Hans Lampe (percussion, synthesizer, keyboards), Nikolaus Van Rhein (keyboards), Harald Konietzo (bass) and Andreas Schell (piano), they completed La Düsseldorf, originally issued in 1976, but it was denied a UK release until 1978, when it was licensed to the Radar label. The band maintained the insistent pulsebeat of Neu!, but offered a much fuller sound, shown to great effect on Viva. With Schell now musically superfluous, the set acknowledged the concurrent punk movement without deflecting from La Düsseldorf’s individuality, but it failed to reap due commercial rewards. Individuellos maintained the Dingers brothers’ capacity for surprise and inventiveness, but their unique version of German rock was increasingly obscured by the electronic styles of Kraftwerk and D.A.F. and the unit was subsequently dissolved. 


1. Viva 
2. White Overalls 
3. Rheinita 
4. Vögel 
5. Geld 
6. Cha Cha 2000
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