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Lali Puna - I Thought That I Was Over That: Rare Remixed & B Sides

Lali Puna - I Thought That I Was Over That: Rare Remixed & B Sides

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There's rarely a better time in a group's career to gather up all the loose ends than after the third album. This is the case with Lali Puna, who use two discs to compile remixes, B-sides, and other assorted parts of their back catalog. If it were condensed down to one disc, it would appeal to more than the most devout. Even so, it's commendable to present a rather thorough set like this before followers spend too much time and money obtaining all the original releases.


Lp 1
1. The Failure Of The Leading Sign Industry 1:27
2. 40 Days 3:51
3. Clear Cut (Lali Puna-Bomb The Bass) 5:24
4. Awaiting An Accident (Remix For Boom-Bip) 4:01
5. It's Not The Worst I've Looked (Remix For Two Lone Swordsmen) 4:24
6. Harrison Reverse 2:19
7. The Daily Match 4:04
8. (This Is) The Dream Of Evan And Chan (Remix For Dntel) 3:41
9. Past Machine 5:39
10. Together In Electric Dreams 4:35

Lp 2
1. Nin-Com-Pop Remix 4:45
2. Micronomic Remix 4:18
3. Faking The Books Remix 3:33
4. Grin And Bear Remix 4:43
. Alienation Remix 4:31
6. Left Handed Dub 4:34
7. Fast Forward Remix 6:20
8. Small Things Remix 3:42
9. Nin-Com-Pop Remix 3:23 

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