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Larsen, Kim - 231045-0637

Larsen, Kim - 231045-0637

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CBS 83626 made in Holland.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

Danish rock's leading seller and most respected artists, Kim Larsen came to prominence as a member of what many consider to be Denmark's greatest contribution to the rock canon, the '70s band Gasolin'. Born in Copenhagen on October 23, 1945, Larsen teamed up with Franz Beckerlee, Wili Jønsson, and Søren Berlev in 1969 as Gasolin'. The band would soon become the biggest thing in Danish pop/rock, releasing nine albums from 1971 to 1978, and keeping its legacy intact by refusing to regroup in any way, shape, or form -- outside of interviews and the like. Although Larsen did release a solo work in 1973, it was not until the breakup of Gasolin' that the Dane's solo career really got moving.


1. Moderne Tider
2. Dagen Før
3. 682 A 
4. Blip-Båt 
5. Ud I Det Blå 
6. Forever Young 
7. Sikken En Følelse 
8. Køb Bananer 
9. Tutta 
10. Ole´s Fjerner 
11. Monkeymand 
12. De Blå Sirener
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