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Led Zeppelin - Many Faces Of Led Zeppelin

Led Zeppelin - Many Faces Of Led Zeppelin

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Led Zeppelin was rock's first real Heavy Metal band. Yet many of their fans were not even fans of metal music. What the Beatles were to the '60s, Led Zeppelin were to the '70s. Drawing upon postwar electric blues, early rock & roll, and psychedelia, Zeppelin created a titanic roar in their earliest days but even then, they weren't merely heavy. Underneath the wattage, there was a strong undercurrent of folk-rock and the quartet would soon thread in world music, funk, country, and synthesizers, creating an adventurous body of work that had a long, lasting influence on the history of rock music. On The Many Faces of Led Zeppelin, we will dig deep into the work of their legendary members plus we will review their timeless catalog that even today is still essential for rock fans.


 1 -
    1. Alexis Korner - Steal Away
    2. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones & Keith De Groot - Everything I
    3. Mike Hurst Feat. Jimmy Page - Anytime That You Want Me
    4. Jimmy Page & Eric Clapton - Tribute To Elmore
    5. Joe Jammer - Broken Little Pieces
    6. Jet Harris & Tony Meehan Feat. Jimmy Page - Diamonds
    7. Alexis Korner - Operator
    8. Jeff Beck's All Stars Feat. Jimmy Page - Steelin'
    9. Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones & Keith De Groot - Dixie Fried
    10. Deborah Bonham Band - Maybe I'm Amazed
    11. Chris Farlowe - (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

- 2 -
    1. The Slashtones - Misty Mountain Top
    2. Chris Poland, Richard Kendrick, A.J. Caruso & Sergio Yetta -
    3. Rose Reiter - Stairway To Heaven
    4. Snowblynd Feat. Chris Poland - Over the Hills and Far Away
    5. Chris Heaven & Tracy G - Kashmir
    6. Lee Thompson, Marko Pukkila, Troy Patrick Farrell, Richard K
    7. Pavic - Communication Breakdown
    8. Keri Kelli, Derrick Lefevre, Chuck Bonnett Iii & Tom Drennan
    9. Strikeforce - the Immigrant Song
    10. Debbie Landry, Blayne Coupel, Brad Ourso & Richard Kendrick

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