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Left Banke - Left Banke

Left Banke - Left Banke

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The Left Banke was one of the most distinctive pop bands of the ’60s, re-nowned for the unique “baroque rock” that allowed them to stand out during that heady musical era. While the band’s 1967 debut album, and its signature hits “Walk Away Renée” and “Pretty Ballerina” have long been acknowledged as classics, the band’s 1968 sophomore effort The Left Banke Too has maintained a persistent under-the-radar mystique, beloved by a loyal cadre of followers yet little-known by the general public.


1. Goodbye Holly
2. There’s Gonna Be a Storm
3. Sing Little Bird Sing
4. Nice to See You
5. Give the Man a Hand
6. Bryant Hotel
7. Desiree* (mono)
8. Dark is the Bark
9. In the Morning Light
10. My Friend Today

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