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Lerche, Sondre - Heartbeat Radio

Lerche, Sondre - Heartbeat Radio

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Sondre Lerche, an award-winning singer-songwriter, newly minted Hollywood go-to man, and frequent sighting on critics’ year-end “best albums” lists, is back with his fifth studio album, Heartbeat Radio. The songs mix acoustic guitars and grand gestures of orchestral pop with elements of anything from ’50s Jazz via ’60s and ’70s Brazilian psych-folk to state-of-the-art ’80s pop masters such as Prefab Sprout, Scritti Politti and Fleetwood Mac. While it maintains the studio polish of his groundbreaking debut, Faces Down, there’s also a sense of musical adventure that stems from his later work. Having written, scored, and recorded all songs for the Dan in Real Life soundtrack, as well as earned Rolling Stone Top 50 nods, and Elvis Costello’s fan-ship, Lerche is no stranger to acclaim. But the story doesn’t stop there. Heartbeat Radio isSondre Lerche’s boldest and most challenging record yet.


1.  Good Luck      
2.  Heartbeat Radio     
3.  I Cannot Let You Go     
4.  Like Lazenby     
5.  If Only     
6.  Pioneer     
7.  Easy to Persuade     
8.  Words & Music     
9.  I Guess It's Gonna Rain Today     
10. Almighty Moon     
11. Don't Look Now     
12. Goodnight

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