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Les Misérables - Original London Cast

Les Misérables - Original London Cast

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First Night Encore 1 made in UK in gatefold cover with lyric inner sleeves. Vinyl NM. Cover NM.

Originally conceived as a simple recording production, Les Misérables evolved quickly into one of the premiere theater events of the 1980s. Theatrically on par with The Phantom of the Opera, Les Miz is drawn from the Victor Hugo novel of the same name. The story chronicles the life of Jean Valjean, a simple Frenchman who was arrested as a youth for stealing a loaf of bread.


1. At The End Of The Day
2. I Dreamed A Dream
3. Lovely Ladies
4. Who Am I?
5. Come To Me
6. Confrontation
7. Castle On A Cloud
8. Master Of The House
9. Stars
10. Look Down
11. Little People
12. Red And Black
13. Do You Hear The People Sing?
14. I Saw Him Once
15. In My Life
16. A Heart Full Of Love
17. One Day More
18. On My Own
19. The Attack
20. A Little Falls Of Rain
21. Drink With Me
22. Bring Him Home
23. Dog Eats Dog
24. Javert's suicide: Soliloquy
25. Empty Chairs At Empty Tables
26. Wedding Chorale
27. Beggars At The Feast
28. Finale

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