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Litle Barrie - King Of The Waves

Litle Barrie - King Of The Waves

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It’s been nearly five years since Little Barrie has released new material, but King of the Waves definitively proves that it’s been absolutely worth the wait. Since 2007, the band has dedicated themselves to honing their musical reputations, doing everything from appearing live with Primal Scream to collaborations with the likes of Morrissey and Mark Ronson.  Guitarist/frontman Barrie Cadogan and bassist/vocalist Lewis Wharton are joined on the album by the new addition of drummer/vocalist Virgil Howe, son of renowned Yes guitarist Steve Howe. The resulting sound produced by the band is as intensely electrifying as one might expect from such a dynamic and in-demand group of individuals. It calls to mind an old school Detroit rock ‘n’ roll showdown between Link Wray and The Creation, with the MC5 and Motown’s best in attendance to cheer both sides, and the omnipresent threat of a killer wave lurking just overhead.

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1.  Surf Hell
2.  How Come
3.  Does The Halo Rust
4.  Precious Pressure
5.  King Of The Waves
6.  Now We're Nowhere
7.  Dream To Live
8.  Tip It Over
9.  I Can't Wait
10. New Diamond Love
11. Money In Paper

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