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Little North - Little North

Little North - Little North

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One of the new waves in Nordic jazz is the reinvention of the piano trio. Quite a few takes on this well proven musical concept has emerged in the last few years, but none of them with the sublime refined rawness of Little North. The three mysteriously mature musicians, pianist Benjamin Nørholm Jacobsen, bassist Martin Brunbjerg Rasmussen and drummer Lasse Jacobsen, have, in spite of their relatively young age and their relatively short careers, conjured up an expressive and alluring artistic manifestation of beauty and almost holistic perfection, in their collective musical exertions, where equilibristic improvisational passages interchange with strictly arranged movements.


1. Denmark 03:47
2. Åska och Blixt 06:32
3. Sultan 03:49
4. Malleus 07:28
5. Gateway 09:17
6. Arise 08:38
7. Both Sides 06:48



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