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Manne, Shelly & His Men - Play Peter Gunn

Manne, Shelly & His Men - Play Peter Gunn

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For the most part, television music was a vast jazz wasteland before the Peter Gunn series debuted in the fall of 1958. The show's score both made a name for composer Henry Mancini and changed the sound of televised drama. It was inevitable that Shelly Manne, Hollywood studio mainstay and a proven champion at jazz interpretations of Broadway shows, would give Mancini's music a more expansive blowing treatment, and the resulting album reminds us that there was more to Peter Gunn than its dramatic theme and the classic ballad "Dreamsville." Fans of Manne's Men should note that the album was taped during the brief tenure of alto saxophonist Herb Geller, and that it makes winning use of the vibes and marimba of added starter Victor Feldman, whose piano would shortly be heard to superb advantage on the band's Black Hawk recordings. 


01. Peter Gunn 
02. The Floater
03. Sorta Blue
04. The Brothers
05. Soft Sounds
06. Fallout!
07. Slow
08. Brief And Breezy
09. Dreamsville
10. A Profound Gass
11. Odd Ball
12. Blue Steel
13. Spook!
14. Joanna
15. Goofin' At The Coffee House
16. My Manne Shelly
17. Blues For Mother's
18. A Quiet Gass
19. Lightly

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