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MC Hammer - Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'em

MC Hammer - Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'em

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Captiol 064-792857 made in EEC. with text inner sleeve.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

There had been hit rap singles and albums before him, but MC Hammer was the man who truly brought rap music to a mass pop audience. Armed with a flamboyant wardrobe (particularly his trademark baggy parachute pants) and a raft of sampled hooks lifted straight from their sources, Hammer's talents as a dancer and showman far exceeded his technique as an MC. Still, he had an ear for catchy source material, and that helped his second album, Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em, become the best-selling rap album of all time. Even if he was never able to duplicate that level of success, and even if his street credibility was virtually non-existent, Hammer still broke down numerous doors for rap music in the mainstream, demonstrating that hip-hop had the potential for blockbuster success in the marketplace.


1-Here Comes The Hammer

2-U Can't Touch This

3-Have You Seen Her

4-Yo Sweetness (Not on LP)

5-Help The Children/Mercy Mercy Me

6-On Your Face

7-Dancin' Machine


9-Crime Story

10-She's Soft And Wet

11-Black Is Black (Not on LP)

12-Let's Go Deeper

13-Work This


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