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McCartney, Paul - Pipes Of Peace

McCartney, Paul - Pipes Of Peace

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Odeon 1C 064 1652301 made in Germany in gatefold cover with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

Perhaps it isn't surprising that McCartney's grip on the pop charts started to slip with Pipes of Peace, since it was released after his 40th birthday -- and most rockers do not mature particularly gracefully. Although it's rather fascinating that the album didn't reach the Top Ten, despite a blockbuster duet with Michael Jackson in "Say Say Say," Pipes of Peace bewilders in other ways, particularly in its allusions to Tug of War. It often seems as if this album was constructed as a deliberate mirror image of its predecessor; it is also produced by George Martin, also contains two duets with an African-American superstar (Jackson here, Stevie Wonder there), also acknowledges an old bandmate (a Lennon tribute there, a Ringo cameo here), and even contains "Tug of Peace," a deliberate answer song to its predecessor.


1. Pipes Of Peace
2. Say Say Say
3. The Other Me
4. Keep Under Cover
5. So Bad
6. The Man
7. Sweetest Little Show
8. Average Person
9. Hey Hey
10. Tug Of Peace
11. Through Our Love

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