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Mclean, Don - American Pie

Mclean, Don - American Pie

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Liberty 038 1575551 made in Germany.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

Don McLean's second album, American Pie, which was his first to gain recognition after the negligible initial sales of 1970's Tapestry, is necessarily dominated by its title track, a lengthy, allegorical history of rock & roll, because it became an unlikely hit, topping the singles chart and putting the LP at number one as well. "American Pie" has remained as much a cultural touchstone as a song, sung by everyone from Garth Brooks to Madonna, its title borrowed for a pair of smutty teen comedies, while the record itself has earned a registered three-million plays on U.S. radio stations.


1. American Pie
2. Till Tomorrow
3. Vincent
4. Crossroads
5. Winter Wood
6. Empty Chairs
7. Everybody Loves Me, Baby
8. Sister Fatima
9. The Grave
10. Babylon1

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