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Mezzrow - Then Came The Killing.

Mezzrow - Then Came The Killing.

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Activ ATV 11 made in England with lyric inner sleeve. Vinyl EX. Cover EX.

MEZZROW is a Swedish thrash metal act formed in 1988. The band released a couple of demos and the debut full-length studio album "Then Came the Killing" (1990) before disbanding. Some of the members would go on to play in acts like ENTOMBED, ROSICRUCIAN, HEXENHAUS and SLAPDASH. MEZZBOW reunited in 2005 for a special show which was filmed and released as part of the "...then came the video" DVD in 2006.


1. Then Came The Killing
2. Ancient Terror
3. The Final Holocaust
4. Frozen Soul
5. Distant Death
6. Prevention Necessary
7. Where Death Begins
8. The Cross Of Torment
9. Inner Devastation

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