Mink Deville - Le Chat Bleu

Vendor: Capitol Records
Year: 1980


Capitol 064-86086 made in Germany with lyric inner sleeve.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

Although a product of the New York punk scene, at heart Mink DeVille were a soul band with roots in R&B, the blues, and even Cajun music. The group was a showcase for frontman Willy DeVille (born William Boray in 1953), a native New Yorker who in 1971 traveled to London to form a band; unable to find compatible musicians, he worked as a solo performer before returning to the U.S. and settling in San Francisco, where he founded the first incarnation of Mink DeVille in 1974 with bassist Ruben Siguenza and drummer Tom "Manfred" Allen. www.willydevillemusic.com/


Side One:
  1. This Must Be the Night
  2. Savoir Faire
  3. That World Outside
  4. Slow Drain
  5. You just keep holding on
Side Two:
  1. Lipstick
  2. Bad Boy
  3. Mazurka
  4. Just to Walk that Little Girl
  5. Heaven Stood Still

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