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Misfits - Misfits

Misfits - Misfits

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I ain't no goddamn son of a bitch / You better think about it baby." Glenn Danzig's clear af punk vision helped establish Misfits as one of the most influential acts of the genre, and the band's short-but-tightly-structured songs sound exude that angry, fun, and raw energy, STILL. This self-titled comp, also referred to as Collection 1 contains 20 tracks from Legacy of Brutality, Static Age, Walk Among Us, and other full lengths, but there are also selections from EPs as well as versions of songs that do not appear on other releases, e.g., "Where Eagles Dare." Listen from beginning to end, it goes by super quick.


A1     She     
A2     Hollywood Babylon     
A3     Bullet     
A4     Horror Business     
A5     Teenagers From Mars     
A6     Night Of The Living Dead     
A7     Where Eagles Dare     
A8     Vampira     
A9     I Turned Into A Martian     
A10     Skulls     
B1     London Dungeon     
B2     Ghouls Night Out     
B3     Astro Zombies     
B4     Mommy Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight?     
B5     Die, Die My Darling     
B6     Earth A.D.     
B7     Devilock     
B8     Death Comes Ripping     
B9     Green Hell     
B10     Wolfsblood Hancock's four original


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