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Mitchum, Robert -Calypso Is Like So...

Mitchum, Robert -Calypso Is Like So...

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Everybody's favorite noir anti-hero and aw shucks gambling fool was also one genuine helluva singer. Mitchum brought the same stoned 'n' relaxin swagger to his music as he did his movie roles, & could do either a ballad or a hot number justice. This fantastic calypso record (complete with fake Trinidadian accent) is perfectly respectable for those who like Lord Kitchener and not just kitsch. And should you be furnishing a bachelor pad, you won't wanna miss the story of the girl who pickpockets a watch and then hides it up her cooch when the cops show up in 'Tic Tic Tic'. Tracklisting: Jean and Dinah, From a Logical Point of View, Not Me, What Is Generation Coming To, Tic Tic, Beauty Is Only Skin Deep, I Learn a Merengue Mana, Take Me Down to Lover's Row, Mama Looka Boo Boo, Coconut Water, Matilda Matilda, The Dance All Night, The Ballad of Thunder Road, My Honey's Lovin Arms.


1.  Jean And Dinah
2.  From A Logical Point Of View
3.  Not Me
4.  What Is This Generation Coming To
5.  Tic, Tic, Tic
6.  Beauty Is Only Skin Deep
7.  I Learn A Merengue, Mama
8.  Take Me Down To Lover's Row
9.  Mama Looka Boo Boo
10. Coconut Water
11. Matilda, Matilda
12. They Dance All Night

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