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Morrison, Jim - An American Prayer

Morrison, Jim - An American Prayer

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Elektra 5E-502 made in USA in gatefold cover with 8 page booklet.

Vinyl VG+. Cover VG+.

AN AMERICAN PRAYER is made up of recordings of Jim Morrison reading his own poetry, to which the remaining members of the Doors added musical tracks, after his death. Several of the songs will be familiar to those who own the soundtrack to the 1991 film The Doors, but the original context gives them more weight. The title track is like a combined reprise to "Ghost Song" and the classic "The End," replete with Morrison's strange questions and even strangers assertions. The band sounds crisp, playing music that has a distinctively '70s thrust. Robby Krieger's guitar rips as fluidly as ever. All in all, a candid tour through the dimly lit passages of a haunted soul--at once personal and quite American.


Side 1

1. Awake
2. Ghost Song
3. Dawn's Highway
4. Newborn Awakening
5. To Come Of Age
6. Black Polished Chrome
7. Latino Chrome
8. Angels And Sailors
9. Stoned Immaculate
10. The Movie
11. Curses, Invocations

Side 2

1. American Night
2. Roadhouse Blues
3. The World On Fire
4. Lament
5. The Hitchhiker
6. An American Prayer
7. Hour For Magic
8. Freedom Exists
9. A Feast Of Friends
10. Babylon Fading
11. Bird Of Prey
12. The Ghost Song

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