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Motorhead - World Is Ours Vol. 1

Motorhead - World Is Ours Vol. 1

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Whoah! Here's one for the hardcore. Here's the grandaddies of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal in gut-busting, globe-trotting form. A baffling crossover hybrid of speed metal and punk, maybe their untypical provenance (Lemmy did, after all, spend his formative years space-trucking with Hawkwind) had more of an impact on their developing sound and approach than their more formulaic (or, even, ambitious) peers. While the likes of, say, Iron Maidendabbled with prog-rock, their songs referencing the occult, literature and routinely clocking in at the ten minute mark, Motorhead never veered away from the original blueprint: three minutes, fast as fuckity-fuck, get in-get out. Wham bam, thank you Hammersmith.

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A1: We Are Motorhead (Live)
A2: Stay Clean (Live)
A3: Get Back In Line (Live)
A4: Metropolis (Live)
A5: Over The Top (Live)
B1: One Night Stand (Live)
B2: Rock Out (Live)
B3: The Thousand Names Of God (Live)
B4: I Got Mine (Live)
A1: I Know How To Die (Live)
A2: The Chase Is Better Than The Catch (Live)
A3: In The Name Of Tragedy (Live)
A4: Just 'cos You Got The Power (Live)
B1: Going To Brazil (Live)
B2: Killed By Death (Live)
B3: Ace Of Spades (Live)
B4: Overkill (Live)

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