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Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy

Nevermore - The Obsidian Conspiracy

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Nevermore straddles the line between power metal, traditional heavy metal, and the contemporary hard rock scene, eschewing the silly theatrics of the "power scene" in favor of a darker tone, while reaping the rewards of melody and the high-flying vocal range of singer Warrel Dane. The roots of the Seattle-based band can be traced back to Sanctuary, with whom Nevermore's Dane and bassist Jim Sheppard recorded two albums. Sanctuary was one of a small handful of late-'80s thrash metal bands to sign with a major label; they even enlisted Megadeth leader Dave Mustaine to produce their debut album. Label-imposed limbo caused the band to grind to a halt, with one member also exiting to pursue more "grunge"-oriented music. Three members of the final lineup of Sanctuary reemerged as Nevermore, inking a worldwide deal with Century Media Records and releasing a punishing eponymous debut album in 1995. The following year saw the band issue a well-received EP, In Memory, that boasted cover tunes as well as Sanctuary material, which pleased many fans.


Side A: 1. The Termination Proclamation (3:12) 
2. Your Poison Throne (3:54)
3. Moonrise (Through Mirrors Of Death) (4:03)
4. And The Maiden Spoke (5:00)
5. Emptiness Unobstructed (4:39)

Side B: 6. The Blue Marble And The New Soul (4:41) 7. Without Morals (4:19) 8. The Day You Built The Wall (4:23) 9. She Comes In Colors (5:34) 10.The Obsidian Conspiracy (5:16)

Tracklisting Bonus 7”:
Side A: 11. Crystal Ship (The Doors cover) (2:46) Side B:
12. Temptation (The Tea Party cover) (3:26)

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