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Nikita - OST.

Nikita - OST.

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Virgin 210618 made in Germany. Vinyl NM. Cover EX.

Produced, arranged, and composed by Eric Serra, the soundtrack to director Luc Besson's smash movie La Femme Nikita was the third collaboration between the pair, following Subway and The Big Blue. Many of the soundtrack's nearly two dozen cuts are brief (less than a minute and a half) and, therefore, offer little outside of the context of the film (although the simple, piano-based "The Last Time I Kiss You" is an exception). Like the film, the music from it is highly stylized, but it lacks the film's heart and is, instead, a mostly cold, bloodless collection of synthesizer noodlings and generic guitar riffs (with the odd saxophone). Some of the better moments include the introductory "Rico's Gang Suicide," the hypnotic swagger of "NPOKMOP," the metallic surf guitar of "Let's Welcome Victor," and the genuinely moving "We Will Miss You." There's not much here of interest to anyone other than die-hard fans of the film. 


1.  Rico's Gang Suicide (03:12)
2.  Playing On Saucepans (01:28)
3.  As Cold As Ice (00:43)
4.  The Sentence (01:24)
5.  Paradise? (01:10)
6.  Failed Escape (03:37)
7.  Learning Time (04:08)
8.  A Smile (01:18)
9.  Fancy Face (01:47)
10.  First Night Out (04:00)
11.  NPOKMOP (04:01)
12.  The Last Time I Kiss You (00:58)
13.  The Free Side (03:41)
14.  I Am On Duty! (02:25)
15.  Josephine And The Big Dealer (00:48)
16.  Mission In Venice (05:56)
17.  Fall (02:41)
18.  Let's Welcome Victor (01:10)
19.  Last Mission (02:14)
20.  We Will Miss You (02:56)
21.  The Dark Side Of Time (04:23)

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