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Nomads - Nomadic Dementia (Best Of the First 25 Years)

Nomads - Nomadic Dementia (Best Of the First 25 Years)

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THE NOMADS - The Best Of The First 25 Years Swedish import with 20 songs. The Nomads can rock as hard as any act around but there`s no shortage of melody in the songs - which sets them apart from some of their latter day contemporaries. There`s a simple economy of playing and high quotient of killer hooks that does it for you every time The Nomads are proof of this sort of rock`s ability to move and cleanse. Fans of The Mighty Lemon Drops, The Hellacopters, The Lyres, The Cynics, this sort of mix will get where The Nomads have been coming from and will continue to come from for another 25 years as they are that kind of band. call it garage or call it whatever - THE NOMADS` favorite names to bring up and drop as sources of inspiration when they started always included ROBERT JOHNSON, BLIND WILLIE McTELL, THE SONICS, MC 5, THE STOOGES, ALEX CHILTON, ROKY ERICKSON & THE 13th FLOOR ELEVATORS, THE CRAMPS, DEAD MOON, GUN CLUB, JOHNNY THUNDERS, THE SAINTS, THE ("early") BLUE YSTER CULT, LINK WRAY, THEM, MOTRHEAD, THE RAMONES... And today you would have to add names like SONIC YOUTH, THE NEW BOMB TURKS, JON SPENCER, MUDHONEY and a whole bunch of others - the list would be too long. Real, pure rock `n roll done as only The Nomads have done. 


Side A:
1. (Im) Out of It
2. Wasnt Born To Work
3. Primordial Ooze
4. Aint No King of RnR tonight
5. The Way (You Touch My Hand)
6. Where The Wolfbane Blooms

Side B:
7. 16 forever
8. The Fast Cant Lose
9. Call Off Your Dogs
10. Crystal Ball
11. The King of Night Train (single version)
12.The goodbye look

Side C:
13. Rat fink a boo-boo
14. She Pays the Rent
15. Beyond The Valley Of The Dolls
16 Beyond the valley of the dolls
17. Don't pull my strings
18. Fire and Brimstone

Side D:
19. My deadly game
20. Twilight Fades
21. Bad Vibes
22. Salvation by Damnation
23. I Cant Wait Forever
24. Skolsången


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