Owens, Buck - Close-up

Vendor: Capitol Records
Released: 1969


Capitol SWBB 257 made in USA in gatefold cover.

Vinyl EX. Cover VG.

Buck Owens, along with Merle Haggard, was the leader of the Bakersfield sound, a twangy, electricified, rock-influenced interpretation of hardcore honky tonk that emerged in the '60s. Owens was the first bona fide country star to emerge from Bakersfield, scoring a total of 15 consecutive number one hits in the mid-'60s. In the process, he provided an edgy alternative to the string-laden country-pop that was being produced during the '60s. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Buck_Owens


Side One:   
My Heart Skips A Beat,
Close Up The Honky Tonks,
I Don't Hear You, Over And Over Again,
Truck Drivin' Man.   

Side Two:   
Together Again,
Getting Used To Losing You,
Storm of Love,
Hellow Trouble.   

Side Three:   
Before You Go,
Gonna Have Love,
Getting Used To Loving You,
No Fool Like An Old Fool
I Betcha Didn't Know.   

Side Four:  
(I Want) No ONe But You,
If You WAnt A Love,
Number One Heel,
There's Gonna Come A Day,
Charlie Brown.

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Owens, Buck - Close-up Owens, Buck - Close-up