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Police - Many Faces Of Police

Police - Many Faces Of Police

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2 X 180 GRAM COLORED VINYL. (Pre-order, out 04-02-22)

Originated from the new-wave scene that followed the punk explosion of the late 70's, The Police stood out of the pack mostly due to the fusion of reggae and punk that permeated their music. When you top that with an exquisite songwriting talent and a level of execution that was way above the band with which they shared the scene, you have a band for the ages. In The Many Faces Of The Police we will explore the band's different paths, their lesser known projects, we will honor their songs and finally we will examine the scene that gave birth to their career. The Many Faces Of The Police is an essential album for every rock music fan, a fantastic journey through their music, presented with extended liner notes, a luxurious cover art and remastered sound. Also remember that it's not available on streaming platforms.


1 -
1. Levitation - Circa Zero Feat Andy Summers
    2. Chewed Down To the Bone - the Racketeers Feat Stewart Copela
    3. Broken Brains - Andy Summers & John Etheridge
    4. Say Goodnight - Circa Zero Feat Andy Summers
    5. Big Black Widon - the Electric Chairs
    6. Catbox Beach - Rusty Anderson Feat Stewart Copeland
    7. Little Transgressions - Andy Summers & John Etheridge
    8. Seed of Wonder - Jesca Hoop Feat Stewart Copeland
    9. Trouble Bones - the Racketeers Feat Stewart Copeland
    10. Bad In Bed - the Electric Chairs
    11. Shout Out the Stars - Circa Zero Feat Andy Summers

- 2 -
    1. King of Pain - Stereo Dub
    2. Walking On the Moon- Groove Da Praia
    3. Every Little Thing She Does is Magic - Jazzystics
    4. Every Breath You Take - Karen Souza
    5. Wrapped Around Your Finger - Sao Vicente
    6. 12 O'Clock High - Dirty Looks
    7. Framework - Berlin Blondes
    8. On the Run (Who's Gonna Get Me First) - Tv 21
    9. The Got Me Covered - Dirty Looks
    10. Looking For New Hearts - the Flys
    11. Video Queen - Afraid of Mice

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