R.E.M. - Murmur

Vendor: I.R.S.
Released: 1983


I.R.S. SP 70604 made in UK with text inner sleeve.

Vinyl NM. Cover VG+.

R.E.M. developed a strangely subdued variation of its trademark sound for its 1983 full-length debut album, Murmur, by de-emphasizing the backbeat and accentuating the ambience of the guitars. Even though it's firmly rooted in the tradition of American folk-rock, post-punk, and garage rock, Murmur sounds eerily timeless, as if it appeared out of nowhere. Part of the distinctiveness lies in the atmospheric production, which exudes a detached sense of mystery, but it also comes from the remarkably accomplished songwriting. http://remhq.com/index.php


1. Radio Free Europe 
2. Pilgrimage 
3. Laughing 
4. Talk About The Passion 
5. Moral Kiosk 
6. Perfect Circle 
7. Catapult 
8. Sitting Still 
9. 9-9 
10. Shaking Through 
11. We Walk 
12. West Of The Fields

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